Our history

Our history


Foundation of the company

The company was founded in 1982 in Remshalden near Stuttgart under the name MESAGO Messe und Ausstellungsorganisationsgesellschaft mbH and managed by Klaus Hilligardt. At the outset, the company had four employees. Its first event, Haus-Energietechnik, which focused on energy technology, was staged at the exhibition grounds in Sindelfingen.


Premiere of SMT ES&S Hybrid

SMT ES&S Hybrid, today known as SMT Hybrid Packaging, was launched in Sindelfingen in 1987. The event has gone on to become Europe’s leading exhibition and congress for system integration in micro electronics. As a gathering for industry experts, SMT Hybrid Packaging showcases the entire range of assembly and connection technologies.


Joseph Rath becomes President

In 1988, Joseph Rath joined Mesago as President. Together with founder Klaus M. Hilligardt, he managed the company, which at that time had seven employees.

That same year, Mesago relocated from Remshalden to its new facilities in Stuttgart’s Rotebühlstrasse, directly across from Feuersee lake.

EMV opens its doors

In 1988, Mesago initiated EMV, Europe’s leading exhibition and congress for electromagnetic compatibility, in Karlsruhe.

The event was held every two years until 1996 and after that, annually. Since 2004, EMV has been staged alternately at the exhibition grounds in Düsseldorf and Stuttgart.


SPS IPC Drives demonstrates its potential

In 1990, what is now the leading exhibition in electrical automation technology opened its doors in Sindelfingen under the names “Europe SPS/PC ‘90” and “Drives ‘90”.

The venue was changed to Nuremberg in 1997. Today, the event is known as SPS IPC Drives and offers a comprehensive market overview of all components, right through to complete systems and integrated automation solutions.


First exhibition and congress in facility management

The new FACILITY MANAGEMENT exhibition and congress was launched in 2001, with GEFMA (Deutscher Verband für Facility Management e.V.) as its conceptual sponsor and with Mesago organizing the staging of the event.

The new event in Düsseldorf offered a cross-industry platform for dialogue for the entire FM sector and was the first dedicated FM exhibition in Germany.


Mesago becomes part of the Messe Frankfurt Group

In 2002, Mesago joined the global network of the Messe Frankfurt Group, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main.

Messe Frankfurt is the world’s largest trade fair, congress, and event organizer with its own exhibition grounds. Its wide range of services includes renting exhibition grounds, trade fair construction and marketing, personnel, and food services.

Acquisition of PCIM

In 2002, PCIM was integrated into the Mesago portfolio. The top international power electronics event, consisting of an exhibition and conference, has provided experts with an outstanding platform for dialogue and networking since 1979. Today, under the name PCIM Europe, it continues to be known as the summit meeting of the power electronic industry in Nuremberg.

That same year, PCIM hit the international stage, with the foundation of PCIM Asia in Shanghai, China.


President Klaus M. Hilligardt hands over to Joseph Rath

In 2005, Klaus M. Hilligardt left the company and handed over management of Mesago to Joseph Rath.


Johann Thoma joins the board

In April 2007, Johann Thoma joined the Board of Management of Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH and its subsidiaries Mesago Messemanagement GmbH and Mesago PCIM GmbH.

The business administration graduate had headed up the HR unit of the Messe Frankfurt Group from early 2000 and had also been a member of the board at Accente Gastronomie Service GmbH, which likewise belongs to the Messe Frankfurt Group, since 2004.

Smart Systems Integration launched

In March 2007, Smart Systems Integration was held in Paris for the first time. The event is the successor to MST (Micro Systems Technology) and is staged in a different European city each year. The centerpiece of Smart Systems Integration is its congress, which serves to transfer knowledge on innovative smart systems and the techniques used to manufacture them.

The exhibition held in tandem with the congress provides a showcase for research institutes, suppliers, service providers, and component and system manufacturers from the microsystems and nanotechnology, microelectronics and mechanics, sensor technology, and wireless communications technology industries.

It is held in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institutes ENAS and IZM and is part of the activities of EpoSS, the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration.


"SPS goes international"

SPS IPC Drives Italia

In the 20th year since its inception, SPS IPC Drives, the leading exhibition in electrical automation technology, moved into international territory:

Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou (SIAF Guangzhou for short) and SPS/IPC/DRIVES Italia, made their debuts as two new sister events. Mesago Messe Frankfurt’s aim was to establish the successful concept of the automation exhibition abroad.

More information on the company: 61 employees

Joseph Rath leaves the company

In 2010, the long-standing President of Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH and Mesago Messemanagement GmbH, Joseph Rath, left the company. In the preceding years, he had increasingly focused on foreign operations at Mesago and helped the SPS events in China (SIAF internationalization project, Guangzhou) and Italy take their first steps.


Mesago integrates new PARKEN exhibition into its portfolio


Since 2011, Mesago has been responsible for organizing and holding PARKEN, Germany’s only exhibition dedicated to parking space management and collaborates closely with the German parking association (Bundesverband Parken e.V.) as the event’s conceptual sponsor. Every two years since 1997, PARKEN has provided a comprehensive overview of current trends, issues, and products relating to stationary traffic and is considered a must-attend event in the industry.

A conference of the Germany parking association is held alongside the exhibition.

Petra Haarburger joins the Board of Management

Petra Haarburger joins the Board of Management

Petra Haarburger joined the Board of Management of Mesago Messe Frankfurt and its subsidiaries Mesago Messemanagement and Mesago PCIM in 2011.

The economics graduate joined Mesago in 2009 and was responsible for international brand management until taking up her position on the Board of Management.


Additions to the portfolio: ZELLCHEMING-Expo


ZELLCHEMING Expo opened its doors in Frankfurt am Main for the first time in June 2014, with Mesago organizing the staging of the event. The pulp and paper production industry association ZELLCHEMING e.V. acts as partner and conceptual sponsor.

As the annual European conference with exhibition for the pulp, paper, and supply industry, the event is the yearly gathering for the entire industry. Thanks to the exciting combination of the exhibition, topic-specific showcases, a congress, and networking events, ZELLCHEMING-Expo covers the entire range of production across the process chain of the pulp and paper industry.

More information on the company: 96 employees


Must-see event launched in Frankfurt am Main: formnext


November 2015 marked the premiere of formnext in Frankfurt am Main. With its unique combination of additive manufacturing and conventional technologies, the leading international exhibition in this field presents the next generation of intelligent industrial manufacturing. It focuses on efficiently implementing product ideas – from initial designs all the way to series production.

The conference held alongside the exhibition focuses on the latest trends and issues in additive manufacturing, along with effective ways of integrating it into process chains in industrial production.

SPS IPC Drives continues its success story in India and China

Smart Industry Solutions India

SPS Automation India was launched as an international sister event in 2015 and continues the successful concept of the world-renowned SPS IPC Drives exhibition in the automation market of India. The new event is held in cooperation with Messe Frankfurt India. In 2017, it was renamed Smart Industry Solutions India. The venue is Mumbai.

Smart Industry Solutions Shanghai

That same year, SPS IPC Drives also raised its profile in China and established Smart Industry Solutions in Shanghai.


Another premiere in "Mainhattan": INservFM


In February 2016, just three months after the debut of formnext, INservFM – exhibition and congress for facility management and industrial service – was launched in Frankfurt am Main.

This unique event showcases the entire range of facility management and industrial service, in terms of their respective areas of specialization as well as their potential synergies.

Management Board of Mesago with new dual leadership

Martin M. Roschkowski new president of Mesago

As of February 1, 2016, new President Martin M. Roschkowski took over the helm from Johann Thoma at both Mesago Messe Frankfurt and at its subsidiaries Mesago Messemanagement/Mesago PCIM, managing the company jointly with Petra Haarburger. The electrical engineering graduate has technical background knowledge and many years of sales experience in a management role. In his earlier function, Roschkowski was responsible for exhibitions in Germany and abroad as an exhibitor.

Following nine years in charge of Mesago, Johann Thoma returned to his old domain on the Frankfurt exhibition grounds.


Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH

Change of company name

The merger of Mesago subsidiaries Mesago Messemanagement GmbH and Mesago PCIM GmbH into Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH became legally effective as of June 1, 2017.
All events are now integrated into the portfolio of Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH.

Further information: 140 employees

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