Our guiding principles

Our guiding principles

What is distinctive about Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH? What is it that drives us? And where are we heading? Our vision, mission, and values provide answers to these questions and go together to form Mesago’s guiding principles.


We use our professionalism and flair for innovation to design the most in-demand communications platforms.


We employ our passion and expertise to connect technology providers and users. Both benefit from the contacts, knowledge, and inspiration gained through our events and networks.



In the relevant markets worldwide, we want to collaborate on organizing exhibitions and congresses for specific industries and technologies, which are not only the best of their kind, but also commercially successful.
… we work best when together


What sets us apart is our clear, service-oriented focus on the real-world needs and desires of our customers. Consequently, we set ourselves high standards when it comes to the customer benefits at our exhibitions and congresses.
… we give our best


This essentially long-term cooperative approach to interacting with our customers and partners is a key underlying principle at Mesago and is the standard by which we gauge everything we do.
… we treat others the way we’d like to be treated


Every one of us tackles their particular tasks with motivation and commitment. Our enthusiasm for the exciting world of exhibitions and congresses plays a central role in this.
… success is fun


We treat each other with respect, appreciation, openness, and above all mutual trust.
… reliability fosters trust


We encourage and demand performance by giving people responsibility, challenging tasks, targeted employee development, and attractive working conditions.
… nothing is so good that it couldn’t be better